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Kiriko Kubo

Kiriko Kubo was born in Tokyo and made her debut as a cartoonist in 1982. After the huge success of eCynical Hysterie Hourf and eImadoki no kodomof (eChildren Nowadaysf), Kiriko has gone on to direct short animation films, design CD and book covers, and write essays, childrenfs books and many other manga comics, including eBuckets de Gohanf (animated for television in 1996) and eDobutsu uranaif (1999). Kiriko has been living in London for the last 11 years and continues to publish widely in Japan. Recently published books include eHime Mamaf (ePrincess mother-in-lawf) volumes one (2007) and two (2008) and eKuru Kuru Cynicalf (2007).

Works in The UK
I created a set of images for Evelina Children's Hospital, which is a part of St Thomas' Hospital in London. Click here to find out more and see some photos: ij



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